Dont dock or clip

September 7, 2009

If you have an APBT or are considering adopting one do not Dock the tails or clip the ears. There is really no reason for it, and besides it gives people the wrong image in their heads of what we are about. So do yourself a favor and your dog as well

Tyson says “We look better with our tails and ears, we arent fighters anymore so there is no point!”


At the turn of the 20th century we were the most common breed of dog for a family pet and protector as the Golden Retriever is today. What was our fall from grace? The blood thirsty need for some humans to fight us, and it still happens today because of greed, and now there are some cities and states that are trying to ban us because of recent attacks on humans, were the humans swear up and down that it was  a Pit Bull who did it, even though there are 26 breeds commonly confused for Pit Bulls.Please help by stopping Breed Bans, dog fighting,and donate to the ASPCA and the Pit Bull Rescue Central.